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Ryzen 1700 standard temp range

Question asked by jozin on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by jozin

Good day everyone! I When running some  cpu stability test (Linx 0.6.5, prime95) on stock frequences with standard Wraith Spire cooler the temp has been continuoulsy grew up to 67C. The motherboard parameters (VCORE, other voltages, cpu freq) was set on auto

I don't know if it's correct temp so here is the question:


What is a normal temperature range for 1700 CPU, and should the temperatures (CPU Tctl/tdie) i've got in the test considered normal working temperatures? Also the integrated power (CPU+SoC) is over 100W though the official tdp is 65W

I've attached hwinfo screen for your imformation.


Also when oc to 3.7 with ~1.25v the temp had constantly increased up to 95 during the test, after that the display is blackened (the motherboard (asrock taichi x370 bois 3.20) displayed 00 code))

So the second question is: this temperature is ever normal to this cpu because considered other people experience they managed go to 3.8 GHz with stock cooler without any problem?


Thanks in advance