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    1800x with Corsair H60 is 46C normal??


      I was wonder if that was normal to have temp like that or did i messup my install.  I know sometime I do messup I'm sure I'm spot on.  I was wondering if bad install or a mistake I'm using speccy as my temp reader.

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          Is that temperature at idle? My 1700 is at 37c with the Wraith cooler at idle, just chrome,discord and steam running. Not running any games. The 1700x and 1800x have a higher (95w)TDP than the 1700(65w)TDP so i would think that 46c would be normal at idle. But not too sure about what would be normal for 100% certainty.

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            Adding on to georgefern's reply, to try and give you a sense of how hot it should be: I have a Corsair H115i on an overclocked R7 1700 at 3.9GHz / 1.35v - hovers at 32C idle/ 52c stress test load.


            There are so many factors that tie into CPU/GPU temperatures, it's almost impossible to get consistent results outside of a controlled environment. Case type, airflow, motherboard, GPU and it's cooler type, software installed, ambient temperature, thermal paste quality, even the position of your pc case in the room and the surface it sits on, there's a lot involved. Asking if a temperature is wrong generally requires a lot of information to come along with the question Not pointing out your approach as wrong, just that a bit more information is required.