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AMD (Ati) Drivers Cratered ... Now WTH???

Question asked by asookie on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by Hardwood

1) Made horrendous mistake (years ago) by purchasing ASUS Mobo with onboard Ati HD3200

2) Drivers cratered between dual-OS boots

3) ALL attempts to update drivers ('...allow Windows to Search...') FAIL with Obnoxious: "must provide original Video installation Disc"

instead of simply locating/installing basic drivers from website  (haven't seen that Disk for 8-10 years, and a residence move ago!)   ... ARGGGH!!

4) AMD at Drivers webpage INSISTS on download/install of Full Catalyst package (> 1/4 GB!) which then FALLS on its FACE, with mystery Error: "Failed to load detection driver" ....... Huh?  Whaaa?   English, please!  ... ARGGGH!!

5) AMD Auto-Detect utility is - of course - totally USELESS (discrete GPUs only ... and will not run in Safe Mode in any case)    ... ARGGGH!!

6) Somewhere along line, AMD 'diagnostics' reported "You have a device that is not working"   Really?  REALLY??  Helpful indeed!!   ... ARGGGH!!

7) Device manager is unable to even identify graphics device as HD3200!?!  WTH??   ... ARGGGH!!

8) Still have mental/psychic scars from last outing attempting to re-install Full Catalyst package (" ... and each component MUST be installed in precisely this order ..."

9) Now faced with hours and hours of troubleshooting/attempting video repairs (not to mention search for install Disc) ... all because of aforementioned horrendous mistake made years ago!  ... ARGGGGGGGGGGH!!