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    AMD (Ati) Drivers Cratered ... Now WTH???


      1) Made horrendous mistake (years ago) by purchasing ASUS Mobo with onboard Ati HD3200

      2) Drivers cratered between dual-OS boots

      3) ALL attempts to update drivers ('...allow Windows to Search...') FAIL with Obnoxious: "must provide original Video installation Disc"

      instead of simply locating/installing basic drivers from website  (haven't seen that Disk for 8-10 years, and a residence move ago!)   ... ARGGGH!!

      4) AMD at Drivers webpage INSISTS on download/install of Full Catalyst package (> 1/4 GB!) which then FALLS on its FACE, with mystery Error: "Failed to load detection driver" ....... Huh?  Whaaa?   English, please!  ... ARGGGH!!

      5) AMD Auto-Detect utility is - of course - totally USELESS (discrete GPUs only ... and will not run in Safe Mode in any case)    ... ARGGGH!!

      6) Somewhere along line, AMD 'diagnostics' reported "You have a device that is not working"   Really?  REALLY??  Helpful indeed!!   ... ARGGGH!!

      7) Device manager is unable to even identify graphics device as HD3200!?!  WTH??   ... ARGGGH!!

      8) Still have mental/psychic scars from last outing attempting to re-install Full Catalyst package (" ... and each component MUST be installed in precisely this order ..."

      9) Now faced with hours and hours of troubleshooting/attempting video repairs (not to mention search for install Disc) ... all because of aforementioned horrendous mistake made years ago!  ... ARGGGGGGGGGGH!!