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    R7 M445 driver on Windows 7


      I've googled a lot and searched the forum about this issue and I still haven't found a solution.

      I have the Dell Inspiron 5567 laptop (which is supposedly running only win10 or ubuntu 16.04). I have it now running with win7 x64 and found every driver for it except for the gpu which is AMD Radeon R7 M445 and is shown as M440 in Device Manager. Now I've tried to install Crimson and download it from there but it doesn't do anything. Device Manager shows the gpu as m440 and disablesd with code 28 along with the integrated intel graphics.

      I've done the steps here https://community.amd.com/thread/207699  but didn't change anything. Tried clean installing and still nothing. I've updated windows 7 to the maximum allowed before I get the "stopped supporting this OS" message from microsoft.

      Crimson every time pops a window that there is no AMD driver on system after I supposedly installed it and crashes after a while with an openGL error.

      Any ideas?



      Specs :

      AMD Radeon R7 M445

      Dell Inspiron 5567

      Windows 7 x64

      Intel i7-7500U

      8gb RAM

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          You bought a laptop with new generation hardware ,Windows 10  and you downgrade to windows 7 ? That's a fail

          This CPU(and laptop) doesn't support Windows 7....

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              Laptop works fine with win7 and every driver exists, just no OEM. From what I read too, it's not that win7 doesn't support the hardware. Just that microsoft has a file that runs a diagnostics test and recognizing kaby lake systems triggers a block in win7 support as in security updates (which is irrelevant in my state since I already did all available updates but the language packs) and that there are already users that work with win7 in the specific model and other win10-oriented ones and some that bypassed the block from microsoft. Therefore, I wouldn't say it's a "fail" to do something logical before you do a detailed search that dismisses problematic issues that might arise and I'm curious how an offtopic answer gets selected as best answer in this forum. You can state your opinion, but no matter what it's not helpful and not answering my question.

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                  Sorry if my anwser upset you  , but I don't believe is logical to downgrade from Windows 10(default operating system for your laptop) to 7

                  But ok its your choice ..

                  Do you try to download intel drivers too ? ( for Windows 7)

                  Maybe you will not find a solution , i had a similar problem too but from Windows 7 (default operating system for my laptop) to windows 8.1  and I never found a solution .

                  I went back to windows 7 and I installed OEM drivers ....

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                hi bro

                you are my brother in this problem , i'am feeling a looot for you because i have a same problem ....all what you say i tried it and and a same problem and i have a  same laptop you have ...........

                pleeeeeeeeaaase bro if you find a solution ...tell me