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Gaming Graphic Designer - what graphic card to use

Question asked by threes on Nov 29, 2017
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I'm a full blown AMD users (CPU and graphics) and an enthousiastic gamer!
However I'm also a photograhper and graphic designer and now the issue begins...


I'm looking for a card that allows me to game with great graphics on 1080p (even though I have a 4K screen).
But I would also like to use Photoshop in its 10-bit (30 bit) color mode.


I know: all gaming cards offer 10 bit and you can enable it via the driver, HOWEVER this applies to Direct X 10 bit.
Photoshop uses OpenGL and the gaming graphic cards don't support 10 bit OpenGL...


So I'm wondering: is the new Vega RX 64 capable of 10 bit OpenGL?
Or (if not) is it possible to combine a RX 580 card with a WX4100 in the same system?

Price has to remain decent ofcourse! So don't propose the Vega Frontier Edition, because that is just way too much overkill.


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