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Game freezing and Radeon settings crash, Vega 56 Win10

Question asked by snajk on Nov 27, 2017

I bought a Vega 56 when it launched and it has worked mostly fine since then but not anymore. Now the driver crashes in most games causing a black screen or sometimes a white screen, sometimes with the audio still playing in the background. Tabbing out works good enough so that I can kill the game from the activity monitor. When I try to open Radeon Settings either before or after killing the game it also crashes with a generic "-has stopped working.." message. Rebooting does not help either. It started with driver 17.11.1 I think so I updated to 17.11.2 but still have the same issue and it feels as it has gotten worse. Now games freeze pretty much straight away. Today I tried Sleeping Dogs, which is an old game that shouldn't be a problem for this card, and it freezes within a minute, same with Broforce which really shouldn't put much load on the GPU. Started Nier Automata to try a more demanding game and it froze in the menu before I had a chance to start. Just Cause 3 also crashed pretty much straight away, but at least I got an error message:


A fatal error occurred in the graphics driver.


Result: 'Device Removed, Reason:

DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_RESET: Badly formed command, code sent an invalid draw command.'

Just Cause 3 will now exit.

Any unsaved progress will be lost.


Any help is appreciated.



RX Vega 56

i5 5675C

Gigabyte Z97 motherboard


LG 34UM95 3440x1440 via Display Port

Windows 10 with Fall Creators Update

Radeon driver 17.11.2


Edit: Tried the new drivers, 17.11.3, but they did not help either.