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    Can't get system to boot with 2 Radeon Vega64s


      Hi all, I am having a problem with getting my new system up and running.



      Ryzen 1700

      16 Gig (2x2) GSkill PC3200 TridentZ RGB

      Asus Rog Strix X370-F Motherboard

      Evga 1000W G3 PSU

      2X Gigabyte Radeon RX Vega64s

      (3 Fans 2 Hard Drives 1 DVD)

      Win10 64.


      Ok.. So,  I'll try to be brief and clear.  Each card works in every PCIE slot. So both are working.  As soon as I plug in the other one the system Powers on, everything lights up but I get no

      display signal. I've tried switching things around but that apparently does nothing.  What am I missing here? I've never done a dual card setup before but I figured it was fairly easy. Just plop it in and go (provided your hardware can handle it)   I don't think these cards use a bridge, and I am not aware of any Motherboard settings I might have to configure.. so not sure what's up. I am at a loss.

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          As a side note (may be relevant)  I am using the display port on the upper video card but have tried using all of the other display ports on both cards. There is a gpu indicator load light on both cards to show usage and I note that it does not come on when both cards are installed. There are also options in the bios under the PCIE settings for each pcie slot. Auto and Gen 1-3 (currently set to auto)  If this helps.

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            According to this website, using two Vega64 in Crossfire you need a minimum PSU of  1100 watts total system to operate correctly. PSU REQUIREMENTS - RealHardTechX  You are using a 1000 watt PSU. Maybe that is why when you remove one Vega64 card the computer works correctly.


            This is just an observation, might be a driver issue but see the above mentioned link to determine if you believe you have a proper PSU for running two Vega64 cards together.

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                I don't believe that to be the issue but am thankful for the reply.  From what I understand the more power the better and typically a 1000W psu is the base level requirement as your likely to draw around 800Watts with most systems.  Some may suggest higher based on the fact that not all psu's perform equally.  I  am using the evga 1000Watt G3 which has been used in various setups using these cards exact same cards.  It's a very good power supply. (that's not to say that isn't a issue.. could be a dud drive)


                I did note with the diagnostic display on the motherboard that it is showing a gpu problem with both cards installed "and" a boot issue.  In talking to the store I bought the motherboard from they suggested looking for an option in the bios to enable multi gpu support but there is none (likely a ryzen thing as there is no onboard selectable for the northbridge so no need for the option)