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    Stellaris and Vega Issues


      I have been through every driver release since the Vega launch and tested with both Vega 56 and Vega 64. Using any driver newer than 17.9.3 then Stellaris will no longer run, the game hangs at the start game screen where you select a new game or a load.  This is ONLY happening with Vega, the newer drivers work fine with a 580, 570, 480 and 380 card, all tested. Attached is a screen shot showing the location of the hang up. The game will allow you to click new game and then go no further. You need to go to task manager and kill the task to get out of the game.



      This creates a real issue as some of the newer games, such as Wolfenstein and Prey will not run correctly without the newer drivers.


      Again let me stress this is ONLY with Vega cards and driver newer than 17.9.3. I have tested with newer drivers on older cards and the issue is not there.

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              Thanks for the info, this seems to have solved the launch problem thought it did introduce some instability when the game is exited. Hope they get this resolved soon. However not 100% sure this all on Paradox, the issue is with only a specific chip set (Vega) and only newer drivers.  Seems awful specific to be a purely game issue.

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              I found a better workaround to the issue. This only applies to newer versions Windows 10.


              Find stellaris.exe in the games main folder and open properties for it.

              Then under the compatibility tab, activate the option "Disable Fullscreen Optimizations"


              I had similar crashing issues with Dead Rising, and this also fixed this issue. So there seems to be a general problem with these "fullscreen optimizations" and the latest drivers on RX Vega cards.


              EDIT: Ok... this is weird.. i may have jumped the gun a bit here.. As this fix worked last night.. but when i tried to start Stellaris today.. same issue..

              And oddly enough... now Dead Rising is mysteriously working fine without the "disable fullscreen optimizations" set... i'm just utterly confused now to what may have temporarily "fixed" the issue last night..

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                glad to see that you have found the correct answer to your question.  In order to help others with a similar problem to find this answer quickly, we have locked the discussion to keep it focused on the issue you reported.