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RX 560 crashing

Question asked by filiplat on Nov 27, 2017
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Hi, so I have RX 560 2GB DDR 5, and installed the newest drivers. The problem i have with my GPU is that when Im playing, the GPU randomly crashes and stops sending video signal to my monitor (the screen goes black and little message from the monitor pops up saying "No Signal"). I've installed MSI Afterburner to keep an eye on my GPU and CPU temperatures/usage. Both temperatures always stay below 55 degrees celsius. The crashes may vary from 10 minutes into a game, to long periods of gaming.


I dont have UEFI bios installed because i wiped HDD and clean installed Windows, but it happened even when i had UEFI.


My system:


RX 560 2GB DDR 5

AMD X4 860k quad core procesor 3.7 GHz


DX 12

mb: ASUS A68HM-k


PSU was already changed one month ago under warranty.


Driver Crimson 17.11.1