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Freesync not supported Vega64 LQ - LG34 UC98 17.8.1 - 17.11.1

Question asked by timothy1133 on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by gaunterodim

Hi all,


I have a Vega64 LQ and a LG34 UC98. Freesync was up and running. Now I have seen in the Crimson Settings that it states Freesync not supported.


- Yes it is still active in my Display Settings

- Yes in Windows Device Manager my LG appears correctly

- Yes it is connected via DP Port.

- Yes I have replugged my Monitor and rebooted the Computer


The only things I have changed was installing always the latest AMD Driver. I have seen the issue with 17.11.1 I have updated to 17.11.2 but Freesync is not working either.

I cant remember the last Version it was working with, as I am not checking the settings on a regular base


Any help is appreciated



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