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    Windows hyperlinks and Edge problem please help


      Okay guys i need help,i'm really desperate i will try to type in everything i know.

      So i got my new pc 3 days ago with these specs.

      Ryzen 1700

      8gb hyperX ram

      GTX 1050ti gigabyte

      Gigabyte b350 gaming 3

      and CM G750M power supply.

      I installed windows like 3 times since then and i always have the same problem.

      So basically it takes like 10-30 seconds for everything to open in Edge(chrome and internet explorer work perfectly for web browsing )

      Then when i first clicked on desktop with right click and personalize i got some weird error i forgot what it was i know it was long :S

      Then because i use notepad ++ a lot and skype and i have a lot of hyperlinks there both Skype and notepad++ they open after 10-30,40 seconds i don't know and it is really annoying for my pc i mean its not slow i even have SSD 840 evo.

      And yes Chrome is my default web browser, i can provide printscreens and more info if needed !

      And ofc i can give my skype if anybody wants to see this for them selves .

      Please any help is appreciated !