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Gpu usage drop to 0% and drivers crash

Question asked by jahen on Nov 26, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2017 by jahen

When i am playing, some times my screen freezes for 2-3 secondsm turns black and recovery. In that moment, my GPU usage drops to 0%.

I also can "crash" mi GPU by playing Mass Efect Andromeda and watching a YouTube video, also, got a directX error on that game. I am able to play games like Doom for Hours and hours without issue, but this problem its happening in almos all my games ( WoW, Nier automata, MU Legends etc). The las thing i tried, was doing a clean installation of windows 7. The problem solved for 7 days of intensing gaming (7-8 hours per day), but came back at the day 8.

By the way, other thing that i tried was the classic TDR fix. When i have no TdrDelay, my game just crash and recovery, when i create one and put in some digit, like TrdDelay 3,4....10, got a blocked application error, like the picture below:

My GPU is a Gigabyte rx460 4GB, and the "more estable drivers" came with the CD.

My spects:

SO: Windows 10 ( al updates) and windows 7 ( same)

MOBO: Biostar H61MGV3 ver 8.0 ( bios updated). My MOBO has a PCI express 3.0

GPU: Gigabyte rx 460 4GB

PSU: Thermaltake Smart 650 W Bronze


Drivers: Crimson 16.10.2 ( i tried with newest drivers and got de same issue)

PD: Unistalling MSI Afterburner wasnt a solution

Hope some one can help me, and sorry for my bad english