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Brightness problem on Windows 10

Question asked by nmarcano210 on Nov 26, 2017

My graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 6290 and i use Windows 10 64 bits.


Keyboard brightness controls stopped working, even the brightness settings in the Plan settings in Power Options are gone. If I uninstall the screen adapter drives then Windows 10 uses a default AMD Radeon driver of year 2015 and then the brightness adjustment works again but the AMD configuration application stops working. I currently use version 17.11.2 Crimson Relive for Windows 10 64 bits. With previous versions the error also occurs.


I have this exact problem since I bought my laptop. The operating system was win8 and as soon as I turned on the computer for the first time there was already win8.1 and as soon as I updated, the screen brightness controllers stopped working. I have tried downloading all the existing drivers, I have tried with the solutions on the internet and nothing has worked so far. I must say that I am quite frustrated and I hate to be able to adjust the brightness of my screen



Can you help me?