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RX480 issues with LG 34UM68

Question asked by ooogemaflop on Nov 26, 2017

Windows 10 pre Creators Update works fine LG screen is left how I want it looks great. Install Creators Edition and once the driver loads it over rides all the screen settings. Drops contrast and brightness and totally ruins the screen.


Steps I have taken


In power options ensures automatic adjustment is off

Search through Catalyst settings and found nothing that appears to over ride settings

Uninstalled all AMD software and drivers and the screen is fine on basic driver,Just install AMD display driver and issues return


As it is I can not use the PC on the Fall Creators edition and have had to roll back and totally disable Windows update.


This happened on the day of the Fall Creators edition had to roll back then hoping for a new driver to fix it and then again on 25th November on latest driver