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Texture issue

Question asked by udidwht on Nov 24, 2017

I'm noticing texture flashing in jet contrails and wing tip contrails using 17.11.2 which I didn't notice with 17.10.2 when running P3Dv3.4.22.19868. Tried the 17.11.1 and 17.10.3 drivers and the issue was still present.


This is with XFX HD 7870DD 256bit 2GB


I was not having this issue when I was using Windows 10 Pro 1703 OS build 15063.608 and the Crimson 17.10.2 drivers. I'm leaning at this point that it's related to the OS update from 1703 to 1709 build. I did notice an issue within the cockpit that involves subtle flashing of screen textures when moving the mouse over knobs, switches and buttons. But I now notice the flashing small squares on jet contrail and wing tip contrails with aircraft when viewed from exterior. The flashing would stop if I switched P3D to windowed mode from the menu bar. Switching back to full screen and the flickering when moving mouse would start again.


System specs:


Windows 10 Pro 1709 OS build 16299.64 (64bit)

i5 2500K unclocked

G-Skill 7-8-8-24 16GB DDR3 RAM

XFX HD Radeon 7870DD 2GB 256bit

Sound Blaster Xtrme Gamer

1TB Hitachi SATA3

1TB WD Black SATA3

1TB WD Black SATA3

LG Blue Ray burner DL

Rosewill Mid tower Challenger

Antec 650w PSU