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msi r9 380 green screen

Question asked by ntnotorious on Nov 24, 2017

System Specs


fx 8350

16 gb ddr3

msi 990fxa gaming m/b

msi r9 380 x 2

windows 10 64bit version 1709

1200 watt modular psu

cpu cooling aio by cool master

mounted fan over heat sinks n/b s/b etc

fractal design xl case fully fanned out


Since installing latest drivers the 17.11.2 install will go fine restart and about 60 seconds after the screen will go green both graphics cards are at around 30 degrees so there not overheating etc

any extra programs such as afterburner gaming app are all now uninstalled in case of any conflict.


So far i have done a complete uninstall of the drivers and crimson software through either normal or safe mode and re installed still does not work.


Taken out one graphics card at a time still no luck just the same with either in which i now believe is down to the latest updates


Does anyone have any ideas things i can try before giving up and actually green


Many thanks in advance


Regards Justin