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Mouse Lag/Poor Performance In Games - Ryzen and NVidia gtx 1080

Question asked by x58 on Nov 24, 2017
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As the title says: I really need developers help, or community people with knowledge  in motherboard, cpu, psu  because I really start to feel miserable, like starting to questioning myself where i'm standing, I know my English is not that good but, I really feels bad, i know emotional doesn't seems to help, I have asking many times in many forum calling for assistance because, I really feels that my   my pc is behaving like  a pentium 4, no matter what I do; even if games runs in high fps, i feel like VISUAL LAG, MOUSE BEHAVING BAD, Like my Eyes gets tired easily, like feeling dizzy when playing games, even at 100-200 fps.. is like having Vertical sync on ,or triple buffering mixed, i have tried many windows 7 or 10 installations, full drivers update, even BIOS modify with AMCIBIP 5.02 version for my motherboard AB350 fatality k4 gaming,  such disabling XHCI HAND OFF-  ehci off, and Legacy usb support, from the bios modifier and problem persist, also by tweaking HPET Enable/disable, C/states, AMD cool quiet, core performance boost enable/disable,  and by oc the cpu to 3.8 and by disabling simulthaneous multithreading and also by running xmp 2.0 profile in 3.2 mod, also tried Legacy VS UEFI CSM and problem persist :/



PC SPECS: AB350 fatality k4 gaming, (bough in may 18 2017)

CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 (Bought in may 18 2017)
PSU: Thermaltake TP 775 (bought in 2011)
CASE: V9 thermaltake (bough in 2011)
RAM: Patriot 2x4 3200 model: PV-48G320C6K (I tried to contact manufacture for chipset specification and they doesnt know if my rams are hynix nor samsumg :/)

Windows 10: 1607 (tried too the 1703 creator, and windows 7 ) same problem

Monitor: Syncmaster T200 1680x1050 (2ms) 60 hz (can oc to 75hz)


I really want to understand if my components are working properly in the HWINFO69, also i want to know what are the stock volts by nature for this Motherboard and cpu? i want to know if my pc is not damaged or if i get a bad motherboard damaged or something? thats why im asking about help to learn how to diagnose and tell if volts or electricy are good between components


this is my hardwre info64 <--- when running PRIME95 BLEND MEMORY TEST for one hour














PS: I'm really thinking that is something related to CPU because, is like when unchecking the CPU 0 or cpu 01 in some apps or games, things become great just for 7 seconds or something, I have tried bios default, old bios, new bios, latest bios.. and is difficult problem persist...


But don't ignore me , I really want to know if something is wrong or not with my computer, because i cannot enjoy any game...


Things that i have tried:
1- Disconnecting HD-AUDIO from mobo
2- Disconnecting HDD-LED, POWER,RESET,Ground buttons and turn on pc with Screwdriver
3- Disconnecting Case front 2.0 USB cable
4- Disconnecting Cable Ethernet RJ-45 from motherboard
5- Disconnecting any hard-drive and leaving connect only the operative system SSD
6- Disconnecting all Case Fans, molex cables, and optical DISC
7- At the end i just leave on GPU+SSD+ Of course cpu fan cooler+ cpu cables and motherboard 26 pin..


And tried EVGA GTX 580, and nvidia 9600, and tried running the computer out of the case, tried one OCZ Vertex 3 120 gigas, also replaced with Crucial m500 250 gigas
The only thing that i have tried is a new power supply but i dont have money to buy a new one...
I have tried also a problem called: Intel Compiler Patch that detect Windows Genuine intel patch on some apps or files, so when you patch, it seems that make genuine for AMD.
Tried also many Windows, and fresh install...
Tried a USB Ethernet Card, tried a 3.0 mouse and 2.0 mouse, and PS2 mouse and keyboard... :/


Anyway i'm not crazy i mean my games are not playeable is like i feel like something is bad rendered... such frames skipping something like that
I know my monitor is not 144 hz, but i have seen people with 60 or 75 hz and everything runs so smooth


But yeah i need help


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