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No Signal after idle for a few mins

Question asked by acleverhobo on Nov 24, 2017

I've had this issue for a couple months now and have tried everything from reinstalling drivers to reinstalling windows. It's not a major issue, it only happens when I let my pc sit idle for a couple of minutes then my monitor tells me no signal and I can shake the mouse or hit a key and it comes back, kind of like the pc is going to sleep only I have that setting disabled in Windows.


However since the last driver update 17.11.2 now when I "wake" it back up the resolution changes from 1920x1080 to 800x600 which is much more annoying.



R9 Fury Nitro 4gb

i7 7700k

16gb 2400mhz RAM

MSI Krait Gaming Mobo


Nixeus 1920x1080 144hz Freesync monitor - connected via DP


If I left anything out or you need more info let me know.


Anyone have similar issues or hopefully a solution?