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    Better FPS with ReLive than without / WattMan settings doesn't apply (RX 480)


      Hi! I am confused. I have XFX RX 480 GTR. Tried to run "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture" @ 2560x1080 maxed out. Runs like shi*, above and below 20 fps. Tried to record with ReLive, noticed that game starts to run much better (>30FPS) while recording. Only change Afterburner shows is change in wattage from 60W to 80W. Then I tried to increase power limit to +50%. Yes, then game runs beautifuly.

      SO, THE QUESTION IS: Does ReLive automatically increases power limit while recording and violates default setting??? Thanks. Also, recorded video (2560x1080@60 HEVC 100mbps) is lagging every other second (and no, problem is not in cpu, hdd or ram).