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    Weird AMD Wattman Chart


      Why do my memory and GPU clock speeds spike? And it almost looks organized, theres a pattern in when they spike and dont spike. Memory goes to 300mhz, then goes to the Overclocked 1815 Mhz. This was all charted while in game, not while Idle.


      GPU: Radeon RX 480 GDDR5 4GB

      CPU: I5 6400 @2.70 (OC'ed to 3.25)

      Monitor: HP Pavilion f1703

      BIOS: American Megatrends INC.



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          That's normal, it's swapping clocks and voltages quickly based on demand, keeps power, heat, and noise as low as possible.

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              But I have been experiencing alot of stuttering since I installed the driver with AMD Wattman enabled, even at high fps such as in the 200's in CS GO, just going from 260 fps to 220 can cause a major spike. I have tried everything from overclocking, turning on power effiency on and off, putting GPU Workload to Compute to Graphics, messing with AMD's settings. I have gaven up at this point. I performed a bench mark on my RAM and it said it was perfomring way below expectations, while SSD, HDD, Gpu, and CPU were all at expected. And Ram will sometimes stay at 300mhz even while game is launched. Do you know of any ways to troubleshoot RAM problems? I took this screenshot in TM, are these normal statistics? I have also tried messing with the page filing, doing things from checking system managed, no paging file, and trying my amount of ram as I have 16gb. This stuttering effect happens at all games when high fps goes down by about 20 to 50 and higher.  Screenshot_1.png