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RX460 Crash/Freeze - 17.11.1 Win 7

Question asked by a.aalex on Nov 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2017 by jahen

Hi guys, i have a problem with my RX460 2GB from Sapphire, sometime its just freeze and popup "AMD driver has stopped working and has successfully recovered" with 17.4.4 driver version (because i need to try every driver i will told you why) ! This was happened from the beginning of this GPU in my PC, and different drivers vers have differents problems, some do BSOD (but that is gone in the last drivers) popups with freezes and 2-3 times in 9 month since purcase the screen freeze, the sound the same and the screen is looking with colors like artifacs! Now i try to found the driver that dont give me that problem, for ex in this summer every thing was normal (but the driver has been update i think, auto update i dont know), 4 months of no problems and i like CSGO like for 3-4 hours, i can also play now like this but it can do these freeze and popup but the game is still running.. i should RMA? But if that is an driver problem what will they do?


EDIT: pc run games and benchmarks without problems, i mean no artifacs, normal temps (max 71C) but for ex i run Uneninge Heaven for 15 min, and after i exit the bench, i looked up in GPU-Z for info an there you go, crash again, in game crashes are rare and it happened most of the time in windows (browsing), maybe i should go try Win10?



Intel G4400 stock


MSI H110M PRO-D bios ver 2.80 (is not the last but i will update it maybe will be help me)

Segotep SG-500A 80 PLUS


Windows 7 64bits

The display is an Philips 1366x768 with 60hz ( if that matter)


EDIT: I put windows 10 64 bits, clean, Radeon Crimson 17.11.1 and the problem is gone now! So i think there is something (a program) who cant work with the drivers, when i was on win 7 i has a lot of softwares! So if you can delete all data try it! Clean windows 10 64 bits, 17.11.1 drivers and important, DONT INSTALL RELIVE, i found that ReLive can cause some problem when i use it or when is installed, i will update this topic if the problems are happening again! Also it can be a problem with monitor HZ settings, at 60 i dont see a problem, and i dont even tried 75hz now, i will try later and post here an update so we will know if the HZ can be a problem!


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