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Question asked by flapjack on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by flapjack
  • hi , so as im saying that i just finished my rig before like 2 weeks , and just noticed that my GPU usage is completely unstable for no reason ! which is very annoying and causing fps drop sometimes.
  • my rig :
  • 3.4 , Ryzen5 1600
  • Asus Rx580 o8gb
  • 2x8 G.skill Flare x  ,3200hz
    • MB : Asus B350-f
    • PSU : Evga supernova G3 650W +80

OS : win10 64bit

all drivers up to date for all parts.


when i play on ultra settings the gpu usage stay kind a stable for 80-99 but ultra =low fps so ..

but when i use a lower resolutions for EX : high , to get a better fps the GPU usage goes crazy for 0-16-60-99-40 and cause an fps drop... here is a video i made to show you the problem :

Unstable GPU usage. - YouTube

also for some reason my cpu usage was good in the video for like 50% and more its always under 30% maybe cause i was recording so...


please Help it's Very very very annoying problem :")