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ongoing Display connection losses

Question asked by alibertior on Nov 22, 2017

Hello everyone!


I have a big problem and getting crazy with it.

It started because of Star Wars battlefront 2 which asked me to update to the latest GPU drivers. To play the game I did update to 17.11.1 as recommended. Since then the odyssee began. As I boot the system, my display port display looses connection for about 5 seconds, searches for other input, displays "no signal", reconnects, shows desctop normally for 3 seconds, looses connection again. This repeats over and over again, but suddenly stops (after some minutes, allways different). As I boot from energy saving mode it happens too. Same while changing settings of GPU Scaling or starting the game Overwatch. Overwatch however limits my fps somehow to 70 even after setting no limit. With low graphics as well as highes. Star wars states about 70+ fps but feels like 20 most of the time.


Second display (TV on HDMI) works fine. Changing display port to hdmi changes the problem from signal loss to greenscreens for seconds. Windows is updated. Drivers completely removed and reinstalled changed nothing. Neither did 17.11.2 nor the driver from october. Not sure which one I had before. Drivers of the display are latest too. Running the display without AMD drivers (over the intel Cpu chip i guess) works fine (except the resolution oc.)


I dont know what else to do then crying. Please, someone help?!


My system:


Win 10 64bit

Intel i5-4460

MSI RX 480 x 8gb

8 gb RAM

Gigabyte GA-H97-HD3

120 Mbit internet connection

ssd for the games

Acer XZ271 144Hz on dp

Sony tv on hdmi


Yours, Alibertior