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    AMD 1950x Win7 PRO 64bit SP1 error ntdll.dll


      Win7 PRO 64bit SP1.

      AMD 1950x

      Patriot Viper 4x16 GB RAM 2400Mhz

      MSI Gaming pro carbon /ac

      MSI GeForce 1080 Ti

      PSU 800W


      Newly installed system, the latest drivers, bios and chipset.
      I have not installed automatic patches for windows yet.


      Error ntdll.dll - on all activa core, when trying to decode h264.mp4 video (Windows Media Player), and lack of ability to open web pages with video for example youtube (IE and Mozilla).

      But when I use only 8 core everything works perfect?!

      Is there any patch or hotfix to fix this problem?