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AMD 1950x Win7 PRO 64bit SP1 error ntdll.dll

Question asked by astepien on Nov 23, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by astepien

Win7 PRO 64bit SP1.

AMD 1950x

Patriot Viper 4x16 GB RAM 2400Mhz

MSI Gaming pro carbon /ac

MSI GeForce 1080 Ti

PSU 800W


Newly installed system, the latest drivers, bios and chipset.
I have not installed automatic patches for windows yet.


Error ntdll.dll - on all activa core, when trying to decode h264.mp4 video (Windows Media Player), and lack of ability to open web pages with video for example youtube (IE and Mozilla).

But when I use only 8 core everything works perfect?!

Is there any patch or hotfix to fix this problem?