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Key Windows 10 Anti-Malware Tech Critically Broken

Question asked by kingfish on Nov 22, 2017
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To understand the magnitude of the failure, it may help to think of a loose analogy. Imagine you have an insecure mailbox that’s constantly being robbed. One hypothetical way to deal with this problem is to have many mailboxes scattered across your property. Each day, your long-suffering postal worker puts your mail (4-5 pieces) in a subset of available mailboxes (let’s say, 30 mailboxes total). A person could still search your property and find them, but it’s going to take longer and be more obvious.

Now, imagine that instead of putting your 4-5 pieces of mail in up to five different locations, your mailman stuck it in exactly the same locations, each and every time. That’s more or less what’s happening here and it’s a problem afflicting both Windows 8 and Windows 10. Without any entropy (randomness), there’s no protection offered at all.


Key Windows 10 Anti-Malware Tech Critically Broken - ExtremeTech