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Oculus Rift RX 480 - No HDMI connection - Win 10 FCU

Question asked by davcohl on Nov 22, 2017

Machine Spec:

i5 6400 2.7GHZ

RX 480 8GB

Windows 10


This morning my machine automatically installed the Windows 10 Fall Creator update and my Oculus Rift started playing up. I've posted a thread on the Oculus support forums, but so far I have had no response. I believe this to be a driver issue.


Previously I was running fine with driver version 16.6.1. After the Windows update, I started to get a noise/snow glitch every few seconds on the Rift. Here is a video of the effect I was seeing.


Upgrading to the latest drivers 17.11.1 (recommended) and then 17.11.2 (optional) made the Rift display no image in the headset and display an error in Oculus home "No HDMI connection".


In an attempt to try and solve this problem, I uninstalled all Radeon drivers and Oculus software, ran AMDCleanupUtility and Device Driver Uninstaller (in safe mode), and performed a clean install of the latest Radeon drivers (17.11.2) and Oculus software. This worked for about an hour until my machine bluescreened, at which point it went back to "No HDMI connection" error.


I have no idea how to proceed with this. Are there recommended, stable drivers specifically for the Oculus Rift, or are there some settings that I'm missing?


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