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    Oculus Rift RX 480 - No HDMI connection - Win 10 FCU


      Machine Spec:

      i5 6400 2.7GHZ

      RX 480 8GB

      Windows 10


      This morning my machine automatically installed the Windows 10 Fall Creator update and my Oculus Rift started playing up. I've posted a thread on the Oculus support forums, but so far I have had no response. I believe this to be a driver issue.


      Previously I was running fine with driver version 16.6.1. After the Windows update, I started to get a noise/snow glitch every few seconds on the Rift. Here is a video of the effect I was seeing.


      Upgrading to the latest drivers 17.11.1 (recommended) and then 17.11.2 (optional) made the Rift display no image in the headset and display an error in Oculus home "No HDMI connection".


      In an attempt to try and solve this problem, I uninstalled all Radeon drivers and Oculus software, ran AMDCleanupUtility and Device Driver Uninstaller (in safe mode), and performed a clean install of the latest Radeon drivers (17.11.2) and Oculus software. This worked for about an hour until my machine bluescreened, at which point it went back to "No HDMI connection" error.


      I have no idea how to proceed with this. Are there recommended, stable drivers specifically for the Oculus Rift, or are there some settings that I'm missing?


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          I had a similar issue which ended up being my headset cable.


          Are you using extension cables?


          I got the issue when extending my headset cable and it worked for the longest time, then I had snow. (My had green specs mixed in with it though.) 


          The snow was because the image didn't process to the headset quick enough. 


          I ended up buying a new headset cable (50 dollars ouch) and also purchased a Vive breakout box (It's pretty much a powered repeater, which can help future proof your headset cable, since the signal is being reated over and over again) 


          Word of advise if you decide to use the breakout box  (Make sure to plug it into an convenient power strip.Reason being is because when you turn off your PC or restart it, it will be looking for a signal thats no longer there preventing the headset from turning on) So it's good practice to turn the breakout box off when shutting down the PC. 


          I now have 24FT of cable by doing this (6ft hdmi to breakout box, then 6ft extension cable from breakout box to 12ft default rift cable, all suspended to the ceiling


          I realize I went into a lot of detail about the Box but it did improve my overall enjoyment of the rift. (Hopefully some of this is helpful)

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            First, Pretty cool looking at that video.

            Second, obviously it seems to be more of a Windows issue than driver at the moment. Since everything was working before the Windows upgrade and started having problems afterwards, It seems like the Windows Fall isn't compatible completely with AMD or Oculus driver. I don't know if the latest AMD drivers were reconfigured to work with Oculus type hardware for Windows Fall version. I guess you just have to wait both for AMD and Oculus to update the drivers to work correctly with the Fall editon of Windows.


            What was the error you received when the computer BSODed?  Google "Oculus Rift issues with Windows Fall Creator version" found this link from Microsoft. Not sure if it is helpful or not. but you can read it yourself. Oculus Rift DK2 not working with Windows 10 Fall Creators update - Microsoft Community.


            This the link mentioned in the above website. Troubleshooting Windows Mixed Reality issues including HDMI. https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/troubleshooting_windows_mixed_reality


            The latest AMD Driver for the RX4xx series (version 17.11.2) mentions about a fix for Oculus Dash:


            Fixed Issues

            • Radeon Software may intermittently cause an application crash on limited numbers of DirectX®11 or OpenGL applications on their first run.
            • Some gaming or productivity applications may experience a random hang or application crash when performing task switching.
            • Radeon WattMan reset and restore factory default options may not reset graphics or memory clocks.
            • Oculus™ Dash may experience a random application hang.
            • Bezel compensation in mixed mode Eyefinity cannot be applied.
            • Radeon Settings may experience overlapping text or corruption in the Multi GPU profiles page.
            • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon®: Wildlands may experience minor corruption with Anisotropic Filtering (AF) enabled.
            • Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ may experience ghosting or distortion in gameplay on Multi GPU enabled system configurations.
            • AMD XConnect™ Technology products may not be detected/enabled on reconnection if previously disconnected during system sleep
            • A limited number of system devices such as printers may be removed during Radeon Software uninstallation.
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              I'm having the exact same problem. By chance, did you have issues with the RX480 drivers with the last update? I had a heck of a time getting them to install properly...was getting a black screen and the system freezing mid-install.


              Machine Specs:

              Ryzen 1800x

              RX 480 8GB

              16GB Ram

              Win 10

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                Thanks for the responses guys! I'm also talking to Oculus support via a support ticket, but so far have not made much progress.


                jay4405 I'm not using any extension cable or breakout box, but I do have access to the box which comes with the VIVE, so that might be something to try.


                elstaci The video; filmed by pressing a phone up against the headset lens, haha! Thanks, I'll take a look at that info. I didn't make a note of what the BSOD error actually was, unfortunately, but I do feel that this is a driver issue as I've had problems previously which displayed similar symptoms (hence me continuing to use the 16.x drivers rather than upgrade to 17.x)


                razgriz1138 I certainly did have previous problems with the drivers - they've always appeared to install correctly though (other than the occasional "cannot find installer" bug - solved by just downloading the full installer from the AMD website). As above, I previously stuck with the 16.x drivers, since those were the first ones I found that seemed to work correctly - up until this Windows update made them stop working

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                  I've had some measure of success this morning - while waiting for support to get back to me, I uninstalled the Radeon Settings app (via Windows Add/Remove programs), then uninstalled the graphics device via Device Manager -> Display Adaptors -> Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics -> [right click] Uninstall Device. This cause the device to disappear from the Device Manager. After restarting my machine, the device had returned to the device manager, but the Rift was working!


                  I'll continue to use it for a while before I celebrate - the BSoD knocked it out of action the last time.


                  The info in the Device Manager panel is as follows:

                  Driver Provider: Advanced Micro Devices

                  Driver Date: 15/11/2017

                  Driver Version: 23.20.793.0 <- I think this is the Windows Store Driver Version corresponding to the 17.11.2 driver?


                  I've absolutely no idea why Windows automatically picked this driver, or why it seems to work now without the Radeon Settings software installed. I'd be interested to know if anyone can shed any light on this .

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                    Ok, so again my machine restarted (assuming it crashed or BSoD, I don't know because I wasn't at my desk at the time) and now I'm back to snow/noise patterns every few seconds on the Rift (see video).


                    Interestingly, the info in the Device Manager panel has now changed - I don't know if Windows attempts to go back to a previous version of the driver or something? Device manager panel now shows

                    Driver Provider: Advanced Micro Devices

                    Driver Date: 12/09/2016

                    Driver Version: 16.300.2501.1004

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                      jay4405 I tried the breakout box trick - no joy, just the same


                      BSoD screen shows DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL in Atikmdag.sys


                      When the machine boots after BSoD, the drivers have reverted to 16.300.2501.1004 and I see the noise/snow pattern every few seconds on the Rift


                      I can manually uninstall these and re-install the latest drivers, which work fine until the next BSoD

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                        So I finally had some luck. I installed the Radeon Option driver, 17.11.2, and all of a sudden my PC sees my Rift again. Perhaps give that a try?