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BSOD Atikmpag.sys After installing amd driver

Question asked by kysho on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2018 by rojymathew12

Im having a problem with my amd driver

Laptop: Lenovo  Z51-70
card : AMD radeon r9 m375
win 7 (64-bit )

I was playing LOL game and it suddenly froze and had to restart the laptop but after that i cant play any game with amd card without getting blue screen even if i tried to open the AMD controller too .. So i did a system restore didn't fix it ..I did a fresh windows install and the problem still persists. . I can't use any amd drivers because it's an insta TDR error and I can't even boot unless I go into safe mode and DDU the drivers. searching google and youtube for more than 4 days now and tried almost everything clean uninstall and installing updated versions of the drivers also the atikmdag.sys file replace and stuff im literaly suffring any one can help me for god sake