Acer nitro 5 with amd 550 4gbs problem

Discussion created by trubad1231 on Nov 21, 2017

Hi i just bought a brand new acer nitro 5 with amd specs , the problem is that i get lag in fortnite and overwatch which shouldnt happen because the laptop could easily handle these games , i did alot of things in hope i can fix this , i reinstalled windows 2 times , i reinstalled my graphics drivers more than 10 times , i now have the 11.11.1 version and the games are still lagging , it is actually more like a stutter not a lag , i checked the relive software and both games are set to play on my rx 550 gpu , but they still do not run properly . I set them to high performance and nothing . I was thinking that it could have something to do with the gpus being both integrated and dedicated from AMD ? because the laptop has an integrated card too , an r7 , but it cant be recognizing that because if it were , the games wouldnt even run , i have no heat problems because duh its a new laptop so I need help please !