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    Not enough privileges to install AMD drivers


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to install the 17.11.2 driver on a HP ProBook 470 G3 with a R7 340M discrete graphics card. It also has the Intel HD Graphics 520 IGP.


      I tried installing the official HP driver from their supportpage, but no avail.

      Administrator rights, new user-profile, disabling user account control, nothing seems to work. The user is local administrator.


      The AMD software is needed, so I can set Autodesk programs to use the AMD chip instead of the Intel.

      Unfortunately, it's impossible to deactivate the Intel IGP in the UEFI (also not the most ideal option, but hey... )


      The laptop WAS domain-joined, but now member of a simple workgroup. After removing it from the domain, i created a new user profile with admin-rights.


      The R7 M340 is properly listed and correctly installed in the device manager.


      Windows 10 1709 (build 16299, 64bit)


      Hopefully someone can help me with this annoying problem.


      Kind regards,

        • Re: Not enough privileges to install AMD drivers

          Problem solved:


          First I uninstalled all AMD graphics drivers.

          HP Support Assistant software is the key; it downloaded the latest AMD graphics drivers for the ProBook and the option came available in the AMD software. Now I can select Autodesk Revit and such to use the AMD chip.


          Hope this solution will help other people in the future.


          Cheers, Jasper