The #AMDHolidealsContest Sweepstakes!

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Hey everyone, the holidays are here so let’s have some fun!


We're happy to announce today is the start of the #AMDHolidealsContest!


Picking the right gift can be hard, especially if you have a track record of giving bad gifts. Well you’re in luck! To show our passion of giving good gifts, we’re going to randomly give away one AMD product to you and your friend. Just send us a video or photo of the worst gift you’ve ever given someone, and we’ll announce the winner at the end of every week. You have 3 chances to win so don't give up. Check out the rules below on how to enter. Good luck!


How to enter on Red Team Forum:

  1. Register on the Red Team
  2. Have at least three followers in the Red Team Forum 1. Need followers? Follow Train! (Need followers? Post in this thread!)
  3. Create a video or photo of the worst gift you’ve ever given someone.
  4. Reply to this thread with your video or photo Please read the rules before you enter: You can find the rules for the #AMDHolidealsContest: AMD 2017 #AMDHolideals Red Team Sweepstakes 1 Official Rules


Congrats to this week's winner projekmayhem! If this isn't you then head on over to the 2nd week contest thread for another chance to win: AMD 2017 #AMDHolideals Red Team Sweepstakes 2 Official Rules