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QT5Core.dll was not found - Driver Times Out Switching To Gaming Mode - Vega FE 17.Q4.1

Question asked by yeayea911 on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2017 by daquteness

Computer AMD Threadripper 1950x, 32GB of ram, AMD Vega Frontier edition, Asus ROG motherboard.


I downloaded and installed the new 17.4Q.1 drivers last night. Did a clean install with DDU and a custom install for the AMD graphics drivers. The pro driver works great as I get the AMD control (Catalyst) panel. However, the machines "times out" when switching to the gaming driver. I get either "There is no AMD graphics card installed, please try again" or the "Code execution cannot proceed because the QT5Core.dll was not found. This happens each time as I have installed the new driver three times so far and all come back with these errors when switching to the gaming mode. The only way (so far) to clear this up is to revert to the older driver.


Please help? I've had this issue with each graphics driver that has been released and the only way to actually get the machine to fully work is to reinstall windows completely. Which I obviously don't have time to do.


Can you guys just make it work?


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