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RMA Global Policy

Question asked by gmc67 on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by gmc67

I'm from Brazil and my Ryzen 1700 was segfaulting on Linux. I started the RMA procedure with AMD Brazil and it was accepted. I was told to send my whole package (processor and cooler) to be replaced. I received a message informing that the processor passed the V/M inspection and to wait another message informing the return code. Everything seemed fine until yesterday.



Yesterday, after two weeks of silence, AMD Brazil sent me an email saying that they don't have another Ryzen 1700 to replace my processor and offered a refund that is half the price I paid for it. In fact, with the 'refund' I can't even buy another 1700 without adding more money.



Is it right AMD? Why you don't verify the inventory before start the RMA procedure? Lack of organization or lack of professional standards? I am about two weeks without my main machine and some of my work pending. I'm about to loose money and possibly buy another defective processor. Thank you AMD.



So I'm asking here: What is AMD global policy for RMA?