2x R9 390X Black Screens Windows Login - 17.11.1

Discussion created by firestyle on Nov 20, 2017
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Hi - long set of issues cascading.  Some details first:

Crossfire 2xr390x 8GB, via displayport to 4k res

i7 Skylake 4 core 4.0 Ghz

24GB 3200 DDR4

Windows 10 on an MSI Z170A

Driver: Most recent optional 17.11.1 I think


Problem: I was experiencing 2-3 second black screens on login and randomly using the most recent optional patch.  I was also experiencing the known issue with periodic Overwatch crashes.

Steps taken:

1) I rolled back my driver the 17.7.2, since the black screens came after an update.  I was playing CRPGs, so didn't matter / care that much.  Black screens went away.  However, I did not perform this roll back properly - and it was later overwritten back with 17.11.1.

2) To fix the Overwatch issue, I updated Windows 10 to the most recent version, as per forum instructions on the Overwatch forums - no issues.  While restarting, my driver rolled back as per above.

3) I went to reinstall 17.7.2 and it wouldn't take.  I went into device manager and went to roll back, but it went to 17.10.3 and greyed out the roll back option.

4) I used the AMD clean installer, and restarted as per instruction.  I received a "no input" signal black screen on restart, and then shutdown, flipped the monitor to the motherboard displayport (also requires I unplug the power supply to the cards).

5) Rebooted to the motherboard GPU, attempted to install 17.7.2.  Install failed, indicating the installer could not detect hardware.  So I plug in the hardware power (which won't register until I reboot), and reboot.  I get a black screen again.

6) Attempted to reinstall a driver off the install CD, which also gets an error now - something about the monitor.


So I'm stuck at this point where I need the OS to not recognize the AMD cards so I can see the screen after boot, but I then need the OS to recognize the AMD cards so I can install the drivers.  Is there any way I can manually install the drivers without this hardware requirement?


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