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    2x R9 390X Black Screens Windows Login - 17.11.1


      Hi - long set of issues cascading.  Some details first:

      Crossfire 2xr390x 8GB, via displayport to 4k res

      i7 Skylake 4 core 4.0 Ghz

      24GB 3200 DDR4

      Windows 10 on an MSI Z170A

      Driver: Most recent optional 17.11.1 I think


      Problem: I was experiencing 2-3 second black screens on login and randomly using the most recent optional patch.  I was also experiencing the known issue with periodic Overwatch crashes.

      Steps taken:

      1) I rolled back my driver the 17.7.2, since the black screens came after an update.  I was playing CRPGs, so didn't matter / care that much.  Black screens went away.  However, I did not perform this roll back properly - and it was later overwritten back with 17.11.1.

      2) To fix the Overwatch issue, I updated Windows 10 to the most recent version, as per forum instructions on the Overwatch forums - no issues.  While restarting, my driver rolled back as per above.

      3) I went to reinstall 17.7.2 and it wouldn't take.  I went into device manager and went to roll back, but it went to 17.10.3 and greyed out the roll back option.

      4) I used the AMD clean installer, and restarted as per instruction.  I received a "no input" signal black screen on restart, and then shutdown, flipped the monitor to the motherboard displayport (also requires I unplug the power supply to the cards).

      5) Rebooted to the motherboard GPU, attempted to install 17.7.2.  Install failed, indicating the installer could not detect hardware.  So I plug in the hardware power (which won't register until I reboot), and reboot.  I get a black screen again.

      6) Attempted to reinstall a driver off the install CD, which also gets an error now - something about the monitor.


      So I'm stuck at this point where I need the OS to not recognize the AMD cards so I can see the screen after boot, but I then need the OS to recognize the AMD cards so I can install the drivers.  Is there any way I can manually install the drivers without this hardware requirement?


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          Also tried the solution of unchecking the "fast boot" option that fixed black screens on Windows 10.  Does not work here, still need to boot from the onboard GPU.

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            download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) . Uninstall all AMD software using Windows Control Panel - Uninstall. Delete C:\AMD folder. Run DDU in safe mode.

            After computer reboots, Using Microsoft Update Hide app to hide any AMD GPU driver that windows will try to install. You may need to run it more than once. Now try reinstalling the AMD full set of drivers that you want to install. Also be sure your Windows 10 is fully updated Via Windows update before reinstalling the AMD driver package.


            What type and wattage of PSU do you have installed in your computer?

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                Thanks, have 1000w.  I actually used a restore point that was created after I did the windows update today, so while I'm back with functioning drivers on the AMD cards - but, I still need to get back to 17.7.2.  I'm sort of scared to f___ with it.

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                    Ofc I f___ed with it. I had to since I had a stable driver, but not settings app to configure the crossfire.  Uninstalled via the control panel, took 2-3 installation attempts, some failures, a half dozen restarts - another rollback, and then another windows update (some things failed), troubleshooting something in the registry, and then finally it worked.

                    I'm of the mindset I need to set the desktop background to plain color to update the driver.  I think something about rendering a 4k image during the update causes problems.


                    This whole thing, windows 10, AMD drivers, and crossfire is a house of cards.  Last time I ever roll multi GPU.  We'll see how AMD drivers perform over the rest of the time I own these cards and when I make my next purchase.  I feel like i'm part of the testing process, rather than a recipient of a well-tested functioning product.  It takes a lot of my time, and I'm underpaid for it.

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                        I see your mention of win10 driver override ?

                        Have you configured win update to block device driver updates (gpedit on Pro vers.) ?

                        There are a few Tuts on tenforums.com (various options for diff. vers. of 10).

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                            I haven't configured winupdate in that way. I looked at the setting and realized it wasn't granular enough to allow me to block updates to specific devices or types of devices.  I also sort of feel like published drivers should work with a bit more consistency, because I feel like they never work on release - either due to Windows 10, or more frequently crossfire support.  The issue with the black screen just makes it that more difficult, because I'm not troubleshooting in the chair anymore, it's with a screwdriver, video and power cables.  Is this sort of thing common on all GPU manufacturer's?