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Firepro V4900 setting programs to use GPU

Question asked by audiodoc on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by fsadough

I am using my Firepro V4900 for photo editing using On1 Photo Raw 2018.  I recently had some problems with On1 Photo Raw 2018 freezing while applying masks.  So I contacted On1 support.

The reply from support was make sure the AMD driver is the latest -- is was.  Go the on AMD control Panel and set On1 Photo RAW to use the GPU for processing in On1 Photo Raw 2018.


First even though the AMD Firepro Control Panel was listed as installed, there was no shortcut in the Windows 10 64 bit start menu.  So I reinstalled the driver software package.  Now I can open the AMD control panel.


However I see no setting for setting individual programs to use the GPU, and no setting in general for performance other than overclocking.


Are applications set to automatically use the Firepro V4900 GPU?