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problem with graphics

Question asked by johan03 on Nov 21, 2017

Hi guys, I need your help some days ago amd showed me an update which I've installed since this I'm having some crashes and stturters in games and music but that's not the big problem, the big problem is that my pc is restarted without any message and when I open events viewer I see something about power-kernel I've found out about this and I found that it can be for a driver or programme and I'm sure that it's since this update of amd apart of it when I open manager I used to see 'RADEON M420' which is the one I've got and now I see HD8500 I've tried to reinstall the old version but when I install it I cannot open amd settings the software doesn't work and if I make use of radeon-crimson-relive-17.11.1-minimalsetup-171102_64bit it will show me the last version which is the one that it's giving me troubles I don't know what to do and my pc is also slow I've got an ASUS x555b with amd A9-9410 and RADEON R5 M420 2GB 8GB of RAM and windows 10 home single language need help please!! thanks in advance.. cheers!!!