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    rx vega 64 extremely high temperature issue


      Dear team,


      I recently got MSI rx vega 64 limited edition reference graphic card. I am not doing O.C.  I did testing and of course play game test. I found the GPU can reach 88 degree Celsius and VRAM easy reach 90 degree Celsius. The graphic card is sitting on "balance " Mode in Wattman. And the fan speed control is in "AUTO". I think it reached dangerous limit for PCB.


      Slowly digging into the fact, I notice the fan speed can only reach 50% of full speed as upper limit after around 60 degree Celsius. NO MATTER the graphic card is burning at 90 C degree, the fan constantly output 50% speed, around 2390 RPM.


      I found out the reason:  under 3 performance modes under WattMan option "power save" "Balance" and "turbo" are all having fan speed upper limit 2400RPM. Upper temp limit is 85 C degree. Whoever, it reach 90 C the system still running, over heat protection did NOT kick in shut down system. People may just plug and play; fan speed is 2400 RPM and graphic card burns at 90 c forever. I notice under "custom" I can change fan speed, but most people may trust factory setting, at least , it will not burn through the graphic card.


      May I ask this model is design to be safe running at this 90 C temperature and Fan speed 50% @ 2400 RPM comfortable range? ?How is it possible the graphic card did not shutdown protection above 85 C?? I wish I can take some screen shots, but I am scared to toast it.


      I also found the test forum: AMD Radeon Vega RX 64: Clock Rates, Temperatures & Noise  facing same issue.