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17.11.2 - Monitor power save (sleep) issue with Eyefinity group

Question asked by lancer on Nov 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by timobkg

After updating from 17.7.1 to 17.11.2, and after creating a four monitor (2x2) Eyefinity display group (same configuration as previously under 17.7.1), only the designated main display will now enter power saving mode (sleep).  Under 17.7.1, before and after creation of the 2x2 Eyefinity display group, all 4 monitors entered sleep mode simultaneously, with all 4 displays off and the display power button LEDs slowly blinking (indicating sleep status).  Under 17.11.2, all was OK prior to creating the Eyefinity display group, but after creating the Eyefinity display group, only the main display sleeps as before.  The other three monitors go blank but not off, and the displays' backlights and power button LEDs stay on continuously.  Is anyone else seeing this behavior?  Any solutions?


System:  Desktop, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, v1709, Build 16299.19 (Fall Creators Update)

Graphics:  AMD HD7990, Radeon Crimson 17.11.2, without ReLive

Displays:  (Four)  Dell U2715H  (As an Eyefinity 2x2 display group:  5120 x 2880 @ 60 hz), individually cabled DisplayPort 1.2 connections

Motherboard:  ASRock X99 WS, BIOS P1.70

CPU:  Intel Xeon E5-1650v3

PSU:  SeaSonic Snow Silent 1050  (80+ Platinum)

RAM:  16GB


Edit:  This monitor sleep issue existed on two identical PCs running 17.11.2 as described.  On one PC, I just now uninstalled 17.11.2 and reinstalled 17.7.1 with the 2x2 Eyefinity group, and all monitors now go into power saving mode (sleep) normally.  I'll leave 17.11.2 on the other PC for a day or two in case there is a solution to try, otherwise, everything goes back to 17.7.1 and stays there.  Every version I've tried after 17.7.1 has this issue, and it has been quite a waste of time.


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