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Where do I belong...if anywhere?

Question asked by mmacd on Nov 19, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by dipak

I write software, but I only preferentially use AMD hardware, I don't target it.  So do I belong here or somewhere else? Or indeed anywhere?


Right now I'm looking for an AM4 motherboard that is NOT aimed at gamers.  Are there any?  Nobody seems to be making AM3+ boards

any more, yet all the AM4 motherboards from the usual suspects appear to cater only for gamers:  run-of-the-fab parts, high failure rate

out of the box, short working lifespan.  Truly not attractive, especially considering that I can't reuse existing memory or the processors.


Supermicro has had their single-processor Epyc board "coming soon" for many months, yet still with no ship date in sight, so I'm probably

not going to be able to wait for them.