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R7 keeps reinstalling after uninstall

Question asked by raymc on Nov 20, 2017

Hi, I am trying to solve a small problem. I have the radeon relive version 17.11.1. After the latest Creators Cumulative update 1709, after starting my pc I get a normal picture but after about 10 seconds (whether I log in or not) the screen goes darker. After trying a number of possible solutions with Microsoft without success I decided to uninstall the R7 and deleted the files. I also, via control panel, uninstalled the AMD package. The screen returned to normal using basic VGA driver. A few minutes later the graphics card reinstalled itself and the problem returned. I tried downloading and installing the latest version issued a couple of days ago (17.11.2) but all it does is reinstall 17.11.1. I have tried also removing the AMD folders in C and Program files x86 but after uninstalling it just keeps coming back. Any suggestions?