High-quality AM4 mamaboard?

Discussion created by mmacd on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by victor.bettenhausen

I write application-level software, and I'll be needing to replace my main

dev machine presently.


Are there any AM4 motherboards that are aimed at people doing engineering

rather than playing games?  Stable, reliable motherboards?


All the AM4 boards I can find from the usual suspects appear to be aimed at status-conscious

gamers and overclockers who are willing to keep splashing out for boards made of run-of-the-fab

parts that produce high failure rates out of the box and short lifespans--as long as those

motherboards have attractive color schemes and the latest bells and whistles.


If there are boards being made for people who just want a stable system that will stay good

until the technology is superseded, I've not found them.  Supermicro are bringing out that

single-socket Epyc board, but it's anyone's guess when it will ship.