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Code 43 Error - Radeon 7600m

Question asked by sc00ney on Nov 19, 2017

Hi everyone.


I'm currently experiencing an issue with my Radeon 7600m GPU - specifically a Code 43 error (according to Windows Device Manager at least).


It seemingly came about out of nowhere, and I've been unsuccessful in fixing it with new drivers, assuming it's a driver issue. New drivers for this model were discontinued but I downloaded AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 software, but the notifications telling me there is a new driver only directs me back to the same webpage I downloaded the software from in the first place.



I've tried uninstalling the GPU and reinstalling with the new software but to no avail. Unless I just didn't do it properly first time around...


I feel like this would probably be a simple fix if I could actually work it out.