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    Updated To 17.11.2 7870XT Now Has Artifacts On Screen - Win 10


      I installed the new crimson drivers 17.11.2  from  AMD and then, chaos came...Since the boot screen of my motherboard, i see many horizontal green lines in my screen.When my PC boots into windows two big vertical green lines are in my screen( see the attached file).I uninstalled the drivers, same thing.I tried to install the older ones that i was using,my PC freezes.Boot in safe mode,card is recognized in windows but green lines again.Uninstalled the Drivers again with AMD Clean Uninstall Utility,tried to install the older drivers that i was using,my PC freezes.I tried again with DDU,restart,try to install the drivers again,my PC freezes.Installing windows in another HDD that i have,same isue.I tried my card in all the 3 PCI express slots,same isues.I tried my card in a friend's PC with 1200 W PSU ,green lines again since boot and freezing PC before log in the windows.I tried an ASUS 680 GTX from my friend in all of my pci express slots and it's working perfectly so there's no problem with my pci express slots.

      I know my PC is a bit old but there was no problem until this driver update!!!Now i'm working my pc with my processors graphics.So,i suppose that the new drivers destroyed my card .If so,what AMD will do for this?Any suggestions? Maybe i'm missing something? Thank you in advance for your replies..


      My PC specs are:

      Windows 10  Pro x64
      Motherboard:   asus maximus V formula

      CPU:                    intel 3770k

      RAM:                   16g Corsair

      SSD:                     Samsung 840 pro

      HDD:                   WD 500Gb Black / Seagate Baracuda 2T

      PSU:                     Chieftec 850W

      Soundcard:          USB Creative XFi 5.1

      PC Case:              Antec 900


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          Install 17.1.1(WHQL) and wait until next stable driver to come out

          AMD Software Crimson ReLive Redux will be big update next month

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              As i mentioned, i can't install any drivers because my pc is freezing when i'm trying to.
              Also, the green lines are starting to show up since the bios screen where are no drivers detection/loading yet..So, for sure the problem is not a driver's malfunction anymore...

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                  1º open you case and swap the graphic card to other pci-e and turn pc on,

                  2º in windows Hold Shift key+do restart pc, then it should show you the page for windows recovery and safe mode

                  3º go to windows safe mode, use DDU to remove the amd drivers

                  4º Turn off pc and putt the graphic card on the first slot again

                  5º install the WHQL 17.1.1


                  It should workaround like this... and you can try to clean CMOS too.

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                    If you get the green lines during boot up. It does sound like a GPU card hardware issue. Follow hotrith instructions and see if maybe the AMD drivers corrects your GPU card to start working again. If not, reinstall the Nvidia card and use DDU to remove all traces of AMD driver set software. Reinstall the AMD GPU card and use DDU to uninstall all the Nvidia driver set. Reboot and reinstall the AMD driver set again.

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                        I've already done these steps (both yours and hotrith's) and tried in a new installation of windows as well.Green lines since the boot screen,even inside bios.
                        I've done it again just to try the whql 17.1.1 as u told me ,instead of my last working drivers and again i have the same problems...But thank you all for the answers and for trying to help me.
                        But what i'm saying is that i'm 1000% sure that my card is damaged because of the last official drivers..And who will pay for a new card? ME i guess...and i'm totally pissed off...Am i right AMD?

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                            I don't blame you, But you need to show absolute proof it was the AMD driver that damaged your card and not a coincidence that your card may have been failing and the new driver caused it to fail completely or some other computer component caused your GPU to go bad. Just saying. If you can locate other people whose AMD GPU cards became damaged upon updating the same  driver, then you may have a case to notify AMD about it.


                            Don't get me wrong, it is possible a badly written driver could damage a GPU card by preventing the GPU card's fan(s) to not work properly as an example. I know that in Nvidia Forum, it has been mentioned that some drivers are damaging certain Nvidia GPU cards. I have no idea where they got the info, but it has been mentioned more than once in the Forum. I remember reading in this Forum that AMD had a problem with a driver that caused the GPU card's fan not to function correctly, causing the card to overheat and be damaged. (Example I mentioned above).

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                                I dont know if it's possible to find someone with the same pc like me(at least the motherboard,cpu and 7870 xt. I remember that i've installed the new drivers and after 10 minutes of playing the Call of duty WwII the screen got full of green squares,my pc got frozen and restarted..I used BSOD viewer but no logs where created.The fans where working fine,the temp was good as well..The card was not OC by me,the only think i've changed was the fans speed..i always used more rpm than the stock settings because i dont want my stuff to be hot without reason.I forgot to say that when i connect my monitor in hdmi the screen is totally black even when i listen the log in sound.. when i start it in dvi cable,it starts with the green lines...My power supply is ok,i checked it in the other card and in another pc as well.My mainboard the same,my system is totally stable because it's not OC,the electricity in my house is stable and i also use a surge protection..Before the update of the new drivers i was playng for more than 1h without any problem..

                                So really,i have no idea what else to think but the drivers...