Updated To 17.11.2 7870XT Now Has Artifacts On Screen - Win 10

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I installed the new crimson drivers 17.11.2  from  AMD and then, chaos came...Since the boot screen of my motherboard, i see many horizontal green lines in my screen.When my PC boots into windows two big vertical green lines are in my screen( see the attached file).I uninstalled the drivers, same thing.I tried to install the older ones that i was using,my PC freezes.Boot in safe mode,card is recognized in windows but green lines again.Uninstalled the Drivers again with AMD Clean Uninstall Utility,tried to install the older drivers that i was using,my PC freezes.I tried again with DDU,restart,try to install the drivers again,my PC freezes.Installing windows in another HDD that i have,same isue.I tried my card in all the 3 PCI express slots,same isues.I tried my card in a friend's PC with 1200 W PSU ,green lines again since boot and freezing PC before log in the windows.I tried an ASUS 680 GTX from my friend in all of my pci express slots and it's working perfectly so there's no problem with my pci express slots.

I know my PC is a bit old but there was no problem until this driver update!!!Now i'm working my pc with my processors graphics.So,i suppose that the new drivers destroyed my card .If so,what AMD will do for this?Any suggestions? Maybe i'm missing something? Thank you in advance for your replies..


My PC specs are:

Windows 10  Pro x64
Motherboard:   asus maximus V formula

CPU:                    intel 3770k

RAM:                   16g Corsair

SSD:                     Samsung 840 pro

HDD:                   WD 500Gb Black / Seagate Baracuda 2T

PSU:                     Chieftec 850W

Soundcard:          USB Creative XFi 5.1

PC Case:              Antec 900


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