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Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working

Question asked by muse on Nov 18, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2017 by muse

Hi! I started playing Grand Theft Auto V a couple of years ago. I learned that it had a compatibility issue with AMD drivers and it would crash when I would try to start the game saying, "Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working". Furthermore, I learned that one way to fix this was to set Grand Theft Auto V to run in power saving mode, start the game and set it back to high performance when it started. At that time I was running a version of AMD software where you used to have the option of opening Catalyst Control Center and set individual applications to run on either power saving or high performance and I was successfully able to utilize this fix.


I want to start playing the game again and now I am running the Radeon software version, 17.8.2. I am still able to locate where to apply power settings to individual applications and I tried the above fix again. However, this time the fix isn't working. I am wondering which settings exactly do I need to change to ensure that the game does not run on the dedicated graphics driver when it starts? I tried changing both the global settings and the individual profile for Grand Theft Auto V but it didn't work.


Also, if there is another better fix for being able to run Grand Theft Auto V on AMD drivers, please let me know.


Thank you in advance!