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AMD Northbridge Fatal Error (potential) FIX

Question asked by donrob on Nov 18, 2017

Hello everyone, I'd just like to post some helpful information for anyone having issues with "A fatal hardware error has occurred AMD Northbridge." I've found that going into Power Options, and turning off the "Fast Startup" option in Windows has seemed to work  with everyone I've shared this solution with, so I figured it deserved it's own thread. Below you will find a step by step on how to disable the "Fast Startup" option on Windows 10.


1.) Type in "Control Panel" in the Search bar on the left side of the taskbar, and click on the result to open the Control Panel.

2.) Click "Hardware and Sound"

3.) Under "Power Options" click on "Choose what the power buttons do"

4.) You will see settings on the bottom that are grayed-out. Click "Change settings that are currently unavailable" to unlock them.

5.) Now, UN-CHECK the "turn on fast startup (recommended)" option, and save your changes.

6.) SHUT DOWN your computer, then turn it back on.


This problem plagued me for over a year until I turned off this setting. All the Google searches were telling me to change options in the BIOS, change my power supply, etc. If this solution works for you, please mark it as helpful. Thank you, and best of luck!