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    Why would I want a RYZEN CPU?


      I've been using AMD CPUs since I started gaming in 2000 and have built my last 3 rigs. Currently, I'm using an 8-core AMD FX-8370 BE CPU which tops at 4gHz in turbo (I don't over-clock) and 32G DDR3 1600 memory with Win 10 Pro 64bit OS. Have been reading about DDR4 memory but to upgrade, I'd have to go with a new mobo and, therefore, a new CPU.


      But I can't really find a comparison guide to show me the advantages of a RYZEN (at <4gHz tops) vs my FX-8370. Can anyone point me to a comparison guide, or tell me the advantages of RYZEN vs FX processors? If RYZEN is more powerful at less than 4gHZ for gaming than my FX, I'd get one in a minute.



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          Hi rzn6jw,


          follow the link:




          You can see a comparison from userbenchmark.com .  ;-)     Ryzen 1700  v  FX - 8370


          Overall is a Ryzen CPU the better choice today. Even the "little" 1700 Octa core with 3,0 Ghz is working more efficient. A high Ghz count means nothing. Ryzen can handel more threads with less use of ressources.That means, Ryzen got more power overall with 3,0 Ghz as older 4,0 Ghz CPU´s.


          Your FX - 8370 is still a good CPU. For gaming more than enough. But I think in one or two years, you will get less fps on gaming.


          And if you want to, you can oc Ryzen to 4,0 Ghz, if you have a propper CPU cooling.


          And yes, you need a new MB with AM4 support.


          Cheers !