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    FX 8350 overheating


      CPU: AMD FX 8350

      MOBO: Asus Sabertooth 990fx R2.0

      GPU: Radeon RX480

      PSU: crosair vs 550

      RAM: Kingston HyperX fury 1866MHz 8GB

      Cooler: 4 Heatpipe CPU Cooler Heat Sink for Intel LGA 1150 1151 1155 775 1156 (FOR AMD) New-in Fans & Cooling from Computer & Of…

      case: Circle Gaming Tower-Phoenix (2 fans in front, 2 in top, 1 in back, all 120mm)


      the PC is 4 years old except for GPU(4 months ago). ever since i put the new GPU, PC always runs at a min of 52C, i play small games like CS 1.6, the temp rises to 60C

      i have recently cleaned all fans and replaced thermal paste,but still get very high temp

      i have tried turning off cores, but it only gave a reduction of 8C-10C


      is there any problem with the processor, or should i buy a liquid cooler

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          that cooler is trash, buy a decent one, even my thermal paste is more expensive than that and i use the same cpu as you.

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              can this cooler Cryorig A80/A40-ultimate handle the heat

              or plz suggest me something under $120

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                  You know, alphaknyfe, for just less than a $30.00 increase to your 8350's overheating problem, you could get a Corsair H115i 280mm liquid CPU cooler. But that would depend upon whether or not you have the space for one in your case. I use one on my system and I've seldom seen the CPU temp go over 30 C since installing it about two months ago as a factory replacement for a H110- GT that developed a bad pump.The Five Year Warranty replacement was exceptional with about a 30-day turn around. Other companies, like Cooler Master, also make such liquid coolers. And I had a good experience dealing with Cooler Master's warranty replacement too. If you're considering overclocking your 8350, you just might want to consider a liquid CPU cooler.