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    1700x cant overclock since windows update


      Hi! my cpu, ryzen 1700x, was running at 3.9ghz when needed without any problem but since 2 days ago, when windows 10 made an update while i was sleeping, the computer rebooted and i can't even get a 25 mhz overclock without getting weird black screen and super important lag. at normal speed no problem though. The thing is, i like to have a better power for faster rendering and this is kind of super back... anyway a non 100% working cpu is never good.



      I am running windows 10 pro,

      asus prime x370-a bios 0806

      32 gig ram corsair ltx @2666


      The problem i kind of see is windows driver for cpu " advanced micro device driver v"


      Thank you for the help

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          I suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the latest drivers. Also, since you have pro, make sure you have turned off Win10 installing drivers automatically (Advanced System settings->Hardware Tab->Device installation settings->Pick "No"), then reinstall the drivers.

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              i have a french version and world are different, but i cant seems to see where to disable automatic update. All i can do it report to a maximum of 35 days.

              Also, i can't find in the system where to uninstall the last forced driver update of windows. i can uninstall the other one but not the one causing the problem. driver " Advanced micro device driver Also, i am wondering if this could not be a problem related with windows fall creator that have install by itself. v1709.

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                  I was talking about device driver updates, not regular windows updates. If you do disable device driver updates, it means that you must keep the device drivers updated yourself. Turning it off prevents windows from messing things up if you update to latest driver, and the windows update has an older version that it thinks should be installed.


                  How to Disable Automatic Driver Downloads on Windows 10


                  These Creator Updates are a real pain. The first one this year caused me some issues, but this fall one went fairly well. I suspect your problem is due to mixed versions of driver files after the FCU (Fall creator update). If you cannot uninstall it, then i would try updating it with the latest, and hope everything copies over properly.

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                Hi ,


                thats strange. I got the same Win 10 update runnig without any trouble. My 1700x running @ 4.0 Ghz all the time on my B350-A MB. What is about the stocked clock? This runs without any trouble?


                So, how you oc your rig? Via Ryzen Master tool or the Bios?


                I recommend the Bios for oc. The Master tool is great for testing, what is possible. After you test it with the master tool, go to the Bios and set it right up, how fast your CPU / RAM should running from start up.


                The drivers are dosen´t matter for oc with bios. If the driver are "corrupted", Win 10 won´t start at all or causes fast bluescreens, dosen´t matter with - or without oc.


                An other option is to re - install the latest chipset driver.