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1700x cant overclock since windows update

Question asked by joelgermain on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2017 by jup_kozlowski

Hi! my cpu, ryzen 1700x, was running at 3.9ghz when needed without any problem but since 2 days ago, when windows 10 made an update while i was sleeping, the computer rebooted and i can't even get a 25 mhz overclock without getting weird black screen and super important lag. at normal speed no problem though. The thing is, i like to have a better power for faster rendering and this is kind of super back... anyway a non 100% working cpu is never good.



I am running windows 10 pro,

asus prime x370-a bios 0806

32 gig ram corsair ltx @2666


The problem i kind of see is windows driver for cpu " advanced micro device driver v"


Thank you for the help