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Second monitor no longer works and Radeon Settings crashing (rx 480)

Question asked by wejeenie on Nov 17, 2017

A few months ago, I decided to set up a second monitor to speed up my game design. One screen would have the editor and interface and the second would bring up code so I could debug in real time. One day, my computer's monitors were turned off (by me) and left for a few hours. I came back to finish what I was working on, only to put my headphones on and hear the constant sound of something being added and removed. I turned on both monitors again, and found that the second monitor no longer had a signal, and was the source of the constant 'disconnect reconnect' sound.


I left it alone thinking that it might just be a hiccup. Turned my PC off and called it a day. I came back to see that my monitor will boot up with windows until it reaches the login screen and then once again loses signal. Since then, I've tried multiple solutions, none have worked. I cannot open Radeon settings either to search for a solution there, as it crashes the moment I try to open it.


Here's what I know about the card:

- Set up is main monitor through the HDMI port and a second monitor connected via a DVI->HDMI cable that then connects via HDMI->Displayport converter.- Both monitors work. If only one monitor is plugged in, it detects it and sets it to main, regardless of which one is plugged in. Displayport converter works fine for this, but it prefers HDMI if available.

- Both monitors will display a mirrored setup from bios to the windows logo, it is only after the login screen that it suddenly drops the second monitor.

- Deleting drivers and rebooting into normal mode also displays a mirrored monitor setup, but after installing the latest driver (after being detected) and rebooting, it reverts to lkosing signal after the windows start up logo.

- The device manager constantly refreshes when the second monitor is plugged in, indicating that the displayport it's plugged into is disconnecting and reconnecting, but monitor does not change from it's sleeping state.

- Changing power plan does not resolve the issue.

- Changing PCI slots does not resolve the issue.


As for the Radeon settings:

- Running as admin does not resolve the issue

- Running in compatibility mode does not resolve the issue


My PC build:


Radeon RX 480

     -running Radeon Crimson Relive 17.11.2

Win 7 (64-bit)


     -(active, main) AOC I2476VWM 1920x1080 @60hz HDMI->HDMI

     -(inactive, secondary) ACER X203H, resolution and refresh unknown, DVI-D to HDMI cable connected to Insignia Displayport adapter

ASUSTeK z-170-E, Bios American Megatrends ver. 0230

Intel Core i5-6600k

Corsair GS-600

8 gb RAM