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xg270hu DP Freesync issues

Question asked by herkytp on Nov 16, 2017
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Unfortunately I do not remember what my LAST version driver was, maybe 7.9.2, since that was my last download in my download folder.  But that was a version of the driver that works.  I tried to upgrade drivers today and ran into an issue I had seen before, but was unsure the culprit until today.


So I am running an RX 480 with an Acer xg270hu connected via DP on the latest, 7.11.1.  There seems to be an issue with whenever freesync is enabled, that I get signal loss and the screen goes back, seemingly during graphic changes on the screen.  I had this issue in the past, but found a driver that worked well and just kept with it.  But today, I tried playing R6 Siege and it didn't like my driver so I updated and found that old Black Screen issue again.  I tried a different game, PUBG, and same issue.  Did some research online and saw someone post about having an issue with FreeSync enabled and sure enough, the game was fine after that, minus not having the ability to USE FreeSync, a main seller for me buying both this monitor and card.


I saw another post about Vega and they seemed to think this was maybe in the latest beta update but it didn't seem to get resolved for me.  I did try 7.11.2 but also had the same issue.


I don't feel there's any more legwork I can do.  The monitor does not support HDMI with FreeSync so that's not an option.  Any further help, escalating to engineers or anything of the sort, would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!