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AMD Drivers installed but not detected?

Question asked by knickknack on Nov 16, 2017

Hello, I have been at this all day. Please pardon me if I am not as informed as all of you.

Toady I noticed that my Intel GPU had been running as priority over my AMD Radeon R9 M290x for quite some time. I had been having trouble with my drivers for a long time and was delighted that I discovered the issue. So I looked around on the internet and found out that I had to uninstall my drivers, run in safe mode, use DDS, then reinstall. I was thrilled when this worked. So I decided to play Destiny 2. I was playing for awhile when my game crashed, my PC told me that there was a hardware change, and my drivers were no longer detected. This is confusing to me because my PC is telling me that my drivers are installed in one error message, and telling me that they are installed in another. I have a few screenshots showing what I am seeing:



Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.